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MY SEAT ON THE BUS is my first published Children’s picture book that starts the journey of four friends with Zion and A’nylah being the protagonist. Through the reading of MY SEAT ON THE BUS and more books to follow you will learn what it means to be a good bus rider and that every seat is important, and why? You will see how my kids are not persuaded through bullying, and how friendship, leadership, love and Kindness allows room for forgiveness.

These characters will come to life for your children as one story leads into the next to tell a wonderful story with life lessons. 


Michelle' Lindsay

As a child Michellé always knew she had a special calling, but not knowing what it was, she did whatever came to her mind that interested her and felt good in her heart. 

Through many attempts of trying to figure it out, she has accomplished many things.  Being a Self-Published Author and volunteering her time at “Make Time to Pray Outreach” brings her joy.

Zion & A'nylah's Good Deeds

A series of 6 books. Get the entire series in the store!

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Amaris Potis
Amaris Potis
Great Book
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Amazing book. My daughter loved it. Such a needed story.
Jennifer C.
Jennifer C.
Beautiful Message
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I really love the message that this book holds for kids. My seat on the bus teaches responsibility, leadership, and being a good role model for others.
Shirelle G.
Shirelle G.
Fun Book to Read
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This was a fun easy book for my goddaughter to read.

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A Story of Love

A Story of a mother’s unconditional love for her children, Spiritual Growth, and understanding death. 

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